Ritchie Ng



Industry | Current

As the Group Head of Data & AI at Eastspring Investments, I spearhead engineering, governance, and strategy across data and machine learning in 13 countries with Assets Under Management (AUM) exceeding USD 220 billion. Created Data & AI function and founder of HERA, Eastspring's cloud-native Data & AI platform powering across all functions.

Code Stack | Python • PySpark • Rust  SQL  Bash • reStructuredText • Markdown

Cloud Stack | Terraform • Docker •  Databricks • Azure Functions • Azure Synapse • Azure Data Lake • Azure Cosmos DB • Azure Key Vault

Devops Stack | Azure Devops • Artifactory • Confluence • Bitbucket

Industry | Past

Formerly co-founder of a quant hedge fund and led the end-to-end development of systematic intraday global macro strategies underpinned by deep learning algorithms with trading notional ranges of 5-10 billion USD. Delivered positive absolute returns in highly volatile years like 2018 (US-China trade war initiation) and 2020 (COVID-19). Also formerly a Deep Learning Institute Instructor at NVIDIA running AI technical workshops for the largest MNCs in Asia.


Serving in the capacity of a Visiting Research Scholar at NExT++ Lab, jointly setup between NUS and Tsinghua University, I focus on applied deep learning research for Asian systematic trading strategies and the development of financial Large Language Models (LLM) using multimodal and multilingual data.


Master's degree from Imperial College London and Bachelor's degree from NUS.

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

  • Singapore Computer Society IT Youth Leader of The Year (2019)
  • NUS Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme Fellow (2018)
  • NUS Philip Yeo Innovation Fellowship (2017)
  • NUS Global Merit Scholarship (2014-2018)

Papers, Workshops, and Projects

Corporate Experience
2021 - Present
Corporate Experience
Head of Data & AI


Architected HERA, an AI-enabled cloud data platform powering analytics across Eastspring’s USD 220 billion AUM spanning investments, distribution, ESG, risk, compliance, finance, and operations in 13 countries.


Built an automated finance data mart enabling end-to-end reporting for daily, weekly, and monthly FUM & Flows, optimizing insights across 13 countries and USD 220 billion AUM for Eastspring and Prudential leadership.


Developed an ESG data mart with automated reporting on climate Value-at-Risk, exclusions, and engagement, integrated with Aladdin and benefiting Eastspring and Prudential.

Investment Risk

Created an investment risk data mart monitoring USD 60 billion in credit exposures and more than USD 100 billion in liquidity and collateral risk, enabling real-time risk management.


Engineered a compliance data mart alerting AML/KYC risks across millions of data points and pre/post-trade sanctions screening for group holdings.


Built a scalable market data mart powering research in equities, fixed income, and quant investments using datasets from tick data to earnings transcripts.


Developed an Aladdin data mart integrating batch, real-time and ad-hoc data to power Eastspring’s applications.


Developed fined-tuned LLMs and embeddings, enabling high performance RAG applications conditioned on proprietary data. Established a research partnership with NExT++, an AI lab at NUS, to build core financial LLMs.

Data & AI Governance

Championed data governance policies and processes, deploying a platform that enforces quality, privacy, and lineage standards across Eastspring’s global data assets. Also led the development of robust AI governance frameworks for ethical and responsible use of AI encompassing transparency, interpretability, performance, and fairness guidelines for AI models through a central platform.

Academia Experience
2016 - Present
Academia Experience
Research Scholar / NExT++ NUS

• Conducting open-source applied deep learning research with multimodal and multilingual data in Asian systematic trading strategies

• Published papers in top-tier workshops and conferences like ICML and SIGIR

• Based in Sea-NExT Lab, a joint AI research lab based in National University of Singapore (NUS) between NUS, Tsinghua University, University of Southampton, and Sea Ltd.

Academia Experience
Master's Degree / Imperial College London

• MSc in Business Analytics

Academia Experience
Bachelor's Degree / NUS

• First Class Honours (Highest Distinction)

• NUS Global Merit Scholar (Top Full Scholarship)

• Philip Yeo Innovation (PYI) Fellow

• Chua Thian Poh CLP Fellow